Download Sharepoint Cross Site Lookup Freeware

Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library  v.4.2.1

The Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library (Anti-XSS) was designed to be an encoding library for developers protect their ASP.NET web-based applications from XSS attacks. It differs from most encoding libraries in that it uses the

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner FREE  v.6.0

Acunetix WVS automatically scans your web applications and web services for vulnerabilities: SQL injection, Cross site scripting, Google hacking & other web attacks. WVS can analyze websites using AJAX /Web 2.0 and includes PCI Compliance reporting

JSky  v.1.0

NOSEC JSky is a Web security testing tool that automates vulnerability assessments. It scans and tests for all common Web application vulnerabilities including SQL-Injection and Cross-Site Scripting.

N-Stalker Web Application Security Scann  v.2006

N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner 2006 is a web security assessment solution developed by N-Stalker. By incorporating the well-known N-Stealth HTTP Security Scanner and its 35,000 Web Attack Signature database, along with a patent-pending

AppletJAX  v.b.1.5.23

Bring multiple Web site's services together into a single application without having to build complex server-side code, proxies and signed applets. Combine HTML5's cross-site messaging and the ease of use of REST into a single powerful API and you

Public Folder Migration Tool  v.1.0

This software tool migrates Microsoft Exchange Public Folder data to SharePoint web site. It is a self contained executable and very easy to use. I now want to share with others to refined and customized as

Sitecheck  v.1.4

Spiders a website and logs many common problems including missing resources (HTTP 400), server errors (HTTP 500), slow pages, looping redirects, missing meta tags, duplicate content and potential SQL injection/cross-site scripting (XSS)

WebCastellum  v.1.8.3

Java-based Open Source WAF (Web Application Firewall) to include inside a web application in order to protect it against attacks like SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Parameter Manipulation and many

WebXSSDetector  v.1.0

Implemented in Java, WebXSSDetector is an automated, open-source testing tool for detecting Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities on Web applications.

Semantic Based Application Level IDS  v.1.0

SIDS provides semantic based detection of web application attacks. The main objective of this web IDS is to analyze HTTP based traffic semantically for possible, application level intrusions and attacks like cross site scripting and SQL injection.

Fiddler XSRF Inspector  v.1.0

Fiddler XSRF Inspector is a plugin for Fiddler 2 that extracts cross-site request forgery attacks from HTTP requests.

XSS Me  v.0.4.4

XSS-Me is the Exploit-Me tool used to test for reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).

Flask-SeaSurf  v.0.1.9

SeaSurf is a Flask extension for preventing cross-site request forgery.

Discovery Wizard for SharePoint  v.freeware

Quest Discovery Wizard for SharePoint is an auto discovery audit tool that identifies your entire SharePoint environment and provides easy to read reports of your SharePoint inventory.

NetGyver Express  v. Beta

NetGyver is a cutting-edge and tiny program allowing you to manage your local and remote files from anywhere and more easily than ever. You can share your personal files with your friends and your family, reliably and securely. Moreover, you can

DragonWAF IIS7 Demo Version  v.

The signature-based DragonWAF activates defense mechanism when IIS server is under attack, it records all attack patterns using intellectual filtration techniques, webmasters are able to add more filtration strings by themselves, customize warning

Tickets  v.0.9.1

A SecureTicket, or Ticket, consists of salt, hash, valid_until, public_flags, flags, data and "invisible" hashed entropy. Tickets are symmetrically signed using SHA256-HMAC. Fields 'valid_until', 'flags' and 'data' may be optionally encrypted using

RequestPolicy for Linux  v.0.5.19

RequestPolicy is an extension for Mozilla.

DotDefender Monitor for Apache Linux  v.4.20

Web application server monitor for Apache Server

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